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С.Б. Каравашкин и О.Н. Каравашкина


Дополнение к исследованию классического поперечного эффекта Допплера в связи с поступившей критикой

От:shuba (tim.shuba@lycos.ScPoAmM)

Тема:Re: Classical transverse Doppler effect

Группы новостей:sci.physics.relativity

Дата:2005-04-13 15:34:20 PST

Sergey Karavashkin wrote:

> *Abstract*

> On the basis of complete solution of Doppler shift of frequency

> received by moving receiver, noting non-central motion of receiver as

> to the source, we compare the properties of longitudinal and

> transverse Doppler effect predicted by classical and relativistic

> formalism. We show that complete statement of problem predicts the

> transverse Doppler effect in frames of classical formalism, but its

> properties considerably differ from relativistic predictions. In

> particular, the sign of effect predicted by classical conception is

> opposite to that relativistic. While just the classical approach is

> most fully consistent with the phenomenology of effect, while the

> relativistic approach is essentially problematic both in description

> of phenomenon and in consistency of functional regularity with the

> properties of transverse Doppler effect. We show that the main

> difficulty being the underpinning of relativistic interpretation is

> Fitzgerald hypothesis on whose basis have been built both Lorentz

> theory and Einstein's conception of constant speed of light in all

> inertial reference frames.

Совершенное неправильно. Например, смотрите статью внизу.


---Tim Shuba---

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