S.B. Karavashkin and O.N. Karavashkina

On correctness of basic postulates of SR

S. B. Karavashkin and O.N. Karavashkina

Special Laboratory for Fundamental Elaboration SELF

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We will study the basic postulates of special theory of relativity: the postulate of constant speed of light in all reference frames (L-postulate) and the postulate of relativity. We will show impossible to introduce the L-postulate out of denying the aether as a material substance, and if we try to return the aether to SR without complete revision of the basis of this conception, of L-postulate in that number, this will cause the discrepancies in SR as the whole.

We will see that the L-postulate has been substantiated on the formulas illegally taken from Maxwellian conception that were convenient for Relativity, out of interconnection and inter-causation of these formulas with material substance whose regularities these formulas reflect after Maxwell and Lorentz. Such practice can give nothing else than the discrepancy of the whole relativistic formalism.

On a specific problem of mutual motion of two equal rods, we will show that when relativists agreed the relativity principle with the L-postulate, violating the principle of equivalence of inertial reference frames, the Lorentz transformation caused an imaginary violation of simultaneity in inertial frames being contradictory to the physical time in these frames introduced by relativists. We will reveal that the absolute value of non-simultaneity of events is independent of the choice of coordinate system; this causes its ambiguity and violates the physical logic on whose basis the transformation has been derived.

Also we will show that the time transformation, according to the relativistic transformation, depends on the pattern of motion, and the main, on the direction of body’s motion. Together with the erroneous relativistic understanding of the frame turn by the complex angle, this ambiguity of Lorentz transformation makes the transformation incorrect.

We will try to agree the absolute values of non-simultaneity of events that follow from the transformation with the local physical time in the moving frame. As the result, ambiguity of mapping of coordinate systems disappears, events in both inertial frames become simultaneous, but the new equations become irrelevant to the L-postulate, which is quite in order.

Basing on the many-sided study, we can surely conclude that both postulates taken by Einstein as the basis of SR are incorrect.

Key words: special theory of relativity, L-postulate, aether, relativity principle, equivalence of the reference frames, relativity of simultaneity, Lorentz transformation, turn by the complex angle

Classification by MSC 2000: 83A05

Classification by PASC 2001: 03.30.+p

1. Introduction

In [1]–[5] we multiply analysed different aspects of the special and general theories of relativity and showed discrepancies in the phenomenology of approaches to the problem and clear manipulations with formulas and terms that relativists made when built their conception. All these studies did not touch the issue, why it was so necessary to intentionally introduce such abundance of mistakes and discrepancies. Here we will analyse the basic postulates of relativistic conception and show that the discrepancies and violations of physical logic have been put namely in postulates, and all next mistakes and paradoxes followed from this.

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