Many years we carried out our independent scientific development and have accumulated a great amount of promising theoretical and experimental materials. The critical mass accumulated to 1989 stimulated us to establish our own Special Laboratory for Fundamental Elaboration SELF and to concentrate all our efforts to deepen the results obtained by that time.

We are involved in a broad spectrum of problems having the common basis in the wave physics, basing on the mathematical and theoretical physics and paying a great attention to such adjacent areas as applied mathematics, EM field theory and electrical engineering, philosophy of science and history of science. We consistently adhere to the classical principles in science and take as the principal goal the understanding of phenomena (sometimes being thought well known).

This approach comes up to our expectations. The results we obtain are absolutely unexpected in their simplicity and obvious solutions. At the first glance, they disprove many established concepts. But only at the first. They reliably work, perfectly correlate with the conventional theoretical and experimental basis and essentially develop both our concepts of the real-world phenomena and our scope to interact with them. The contradictions arise with the settled mind and standard superstructure created on the incomplete classical basis. Hurrying forwards, the science left unsolved lots of problems and contradictions that, having been accumulated, impede the studying of phenomena being basically important both for the fundamental science itself and for its applications. This is why our work in many aspects is the finishing, or elaboration, and we have put this word into the name of our laboratory. And this also comes up to our expectations, since we find exact analytical solutions for the problems that up to now were solved hardly, approximately or were unsolved at all. We discover new phenomena and basic regularities in the fields where before us worked the greatest scientists whom we respect much and where everything seemed to be well known long ago. And our experiments work.

We only begin our web site. Gradually we will present here all the spectrum of our interests and obtained results. Particularly, today you can see

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